COM_Net2/CN3 eBusiness Suite

COM_Net2 is the solution for Infor XA

CN3 is the solution for:
  • Infor ERP Syteline
  • Infor ERP Visual
  • JDE World/Enterprise One

These are integrated, high performance, secure eStorefronts for your companies to conduct eCommerce:
Supporting both B2B and B2C environments, it provides best-of-breed electronic catalog, real-time order status and tracking information and smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.) support. In addition, an integrated rules-based configurator displays changing graphical images of the product as its configured.

Boasting an extremely short implementation COM_Net2/CN3 users can start gaining the benefits of eBusiness in days, not months or years! Why wait? Contact Us!

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COM_Net2 for Infor XA

CN3 for Infor ERP Syteline

CN3 for Infor ERP Visual

CN3 for JDE World/Enterprise One

Advanced Catalog for CN3

COMpanion Sales Analysis for Infor XA

With COMpanion you can install generate and use from the first day! What other Sales Analysis tool for XA can say that? "Slice and Dice" your data in ways you never thought possible!
The power of the product is the gathering of the data, both current and historical from your system COMpanion "mines" the vast Infor XA COM database ; Organizing, summarizing, joining and renaming all appropriate sales data to make it more accessible and meaningful.
With a recent partnership with Catavolt, a company that created Catavolt Extender, Lexel can now offer COMpanion XAX ; sales analysis via cloud computing, providing instant access to company data on your browser or mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad without having to change your system or give up control of your data.

Install! Generate! Use!

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Product Information

Catavolt, Inc

Take Charge of Order Entry with COM_mander®

Web-Based Order Entry for Infor XA!

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Not a web store, COM_mander was designed specifically for internal customer service and remote offices. Accessed with any web browser, COM_mander is fast and so easy to use that anyone can be up and running in no time!

Major functions of COM and CSM order entry are supported. Ease your migration to XA Release 9 because COM_mander is available for release 6, 7.7 ,7.8, and 9. Learn it once. Use it on any release! Wow!

COM_mander also supports a Point of Sale (POS) mode allowing cash register ease-of-use and full order integration for XA.

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Solutions For Infor XA Products

Lexel Corporation has used its expertise to create and develop a number of component and enhancement products for Infor XA. These supplement the product line to deliver a more complete business solution to Infor XA customers. These applications cover the areas of shop floor scheduling (Lexel's Graphical Shop Scheduler - GRASS for short), sales reporting capabilities (COMpanion), note-taking capabilities (Magic Notes) and secure credit card processing (XA_Card_Connect).

COM_mander (New!!)

COMpanion - Partnered with Catavolt

Graphical Shop Scheduler (GRASS)

Magic Notes

XA Card Connect

Success Stories

COM_Net2 Success Stories!

See how NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high tech security systems, seamlessly implemented a subscription- based recurring billing system using COM_Net2 and XA_Card_Connect.
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See how Collins Industries, manufacturers of specialty trucks, benefits from eBusiness!
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See how Rheem Manufacturing, one of the most recognized names in the cooling and heating industry, quickly and successfully upgraded their web-based ordering capabilities.
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See how Onset Computers, the worldwide leader in Data Loggers, implemented CN3 for Infor Syteline for B2B and B2C
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See how Andis, a leading manufacturer of handheld tools to trim, cut, curl, straighten and dry hair, automated their credit card processing with XA CARD_CONNECT.
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Lexel eWay

Does your business do it the "eWay"? Simply put, "eWay" is taking the eBusiness route to maximize your opportunity and reduce the cost of your supply chain. The internet is a powerful economic source today that cannot be ignored. B2B to your existing sales channel or B2C to open new markets, doing eBusiness with Lexel as your partner will improve your bottom line.

Lexel Corporation can guide you to your "eWay" offering eBusiness solutions that are fully integrated with a number of ERP backbones.

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